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Service Price Sheet

The fees below are indicative of our services. We want to cater to your needs, so should you want all or some, the fee will be adjusted for services provide.

Property Leasing: First Month’s Rent For Newly Placed Tenants

  • [expand title=”Assess market value”]We will research comparable properties to ensure the maximum rent is obtained.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Advertise subject property through various outlets”]The property will be placed on craigslist.com and the MLS. Through the MLS the property is automatically placed on popular Real Estate websites.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Tenant screening and placement”]We require tenants to submit applications, up to date credit reports, and income verification to ensure the applicant is qualified.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Lease signing”]We will handle having the tenant sign and provide all necessary documentation.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Collect security deposit”]The security deposit will be collected and placed in the appropriate account type.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Municipal inspections”]All required inspections will be performed prior to occupancy.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Move in/out inspection check-list”]A move-in inspection will be performed prior to occupancy and signed off by tenant that will state the properties current condition to be compared when the tenant eventually vacates.[/expand]

Property Management: 10% Of Collected Monthly Rents

  • [expand title=”24/7 on call service”]In the event there is an issue at the property, we are available 24/7 to field calls and to contact the necessary vendors to remedy the problem.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Rent Collection”]We will ensure that rent is received on time and will charge the tenant a late fee should rent not be received by its due date.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Bill pay”]We can take over paying all bills associated with the property, ie: mortgage, property taxes, water, sewer, electric, gas, etc.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Monthly and yearly income/expense reports”]A detailed report will be provided on a monthly basis to show the income and expenses for that given month. An annual report will be provided for your tax accountant.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Manage contractors for regular maintenance items”]We will manage and oversee vendors that perform regular maintenance items for the property, ie: landscapers, HVAC service contracts, snow removal, cleaners.[/expand]
  • [expand title=”Coordinate all state and municipal mandatory property inspections”]All necessary state and municipal inspections will be scheduled.[/expand]


Management will provide necessary documentation for eviction

Repairs/Capital Improvements: 20% added to invoices

[expand title=”Management will act as Project Manager and oversee all work”]Renovation projects
Large/emergency repairs
Unit turn-over[/expand]