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Social Distancing Assistance from Shoreview Property Management

Are you selling your home on your own but need help with some of the legwork?

If you are an out of area seller, socially distancing, or just too busy to do it yourself, Shoreview Property Management now offers the following service:

Inspection Assistance For Homeowners:

  • A property manager will be present to provide access to home inspectors, municipal inspectors, and appraisers.
  • A property manager will provide property access for contractors, obtain contractor estimates, oversee repairs, and ensure any needed permits are closed out.


  • $50 per visit to oversee municipal inspections such as Certificates of Occupancy and/or Transfers of Title, appraisal, tank sweeps, utility company visits, and contractor estimates.
  • $50 to meet buyers and home inspectors, unlock doors for them, come back when inspection is done and lock up. $150 to stay for the entire inspection.
  • 20% of contractor invoice (cap at $1,000 per contractor invoice) or $50, whichever is greater, for repair management. If a contractor was provided by CPM, the initial $50 estimate fee is discounted to $25.
  • Call for pricing for other services such as creating and placing ads and/or flyers, providing a photographer, house cleaning before the property is sold, and more.