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What Are The Rules Regarding Lead Paint In NJ Rentals

  • Lead-Safe Housing: Landlords are required to provide lead-safe housing for tenants. This means that rental properties with lead-based paint must be properly maintained and any lead hazards must be addressed to protect the health of tenants, especially children.
  • Tenant Notification: Landlords of rental properties built before 1978 are required to provide tenants with an informational pamphlet on lead-based paint hazards and the risks associated with lead exposure. The pamphlet must be provided before the signing of a lease or rental agreement.
  • Lead Inspection and Testing: Under the New Jersey Lead Hazard Control Act, rental properties built before 1978 must undergo lead-based paint inspections and testing if a child under the age of six resides in the property. Landlords must perform this inspection to ensure the property is safe for habitation.
  • Lead-Safe Work Practices: When performing maintenance, repair, or renovation work that could disturb lead-based paint in rental properties built before 1978, contractors and workers are required to follow lead-safe work practices, as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule.
  • Registration and Reporting: Landlords of rental properties built before 1978 are required to register their properties with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. This registration helps in tracking and monitoring lead hazard mitigation efforts.
  • Lead Hazard Abatement: If lead hazards are identified in a rental property, the landlord is responsible for addressing and mitigating these hazards to ensure tenant safety, especially for young children. This may involve lead abatement or other appropriate remediation measures

It’s crucial to consult with local authorities and regulatory agencies, such as the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, or consult with a legal professional who specializes in housing and environmental laws to get the most up-to-date information on lead paint regulations in rental properties in New Jersey.